Above the Earth, Haunted

by Trial of the Golden Witch

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legendary_zyphr Like a half remembered dream you woke up from, you don't remember these until something vaguely reminds you of it, and then you do. Favorite track: Deadline.
Kaisermaulwurf thumbnail
Kaisermaulwurf Has all the indie appeal of the last one but is much more polished.
I really enjoyed Bedroom Bedrock but my biggest complaint with it is Digi's somewhat whiny delivery and cadence. In this EP I think he has really found his flow- especially on Shallow. MZshaidu's beats sound more distinctive and purposeful this time around. All in all I liked this a lot, I can't wait to see what they make next. Favorite track: Shallow.
Brent Landreth
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Brent Landreth Digi and his brother (known as MZShaidu) makes some pretty interesting music. I'm not real big on technical terms for this stuff but the music is great and I can connect with the lyrics. This is their second album that I've bought and I think I can firmly say that I enjoy them. Favorite track: Almost Nothing.
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After rising out of the bedroom and up from the bedrock, the boys found themselves floating above the earth, haunted.

It's an EP about how success doesn't automatically change you, and how complacency kills the man, and how it's hard not to be self-loathing when you see that the world is crumbling beneath your feet anyways.


released January 27, 2017

Music: MZShaidu
Raps: Digibro




Trial of the Golden Witch Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: Almost Nothing
(The tao states that for somethingness to be there must be nothingness)

I reside 'tween the blurred lines, undefined
what's a sign, and what's in my mind?
buried in wives and casks of wine
loving the lie in which everything's fine
A nihilistic nightmare I've crafted
clinging to my self-satisfaction
but not feeling anything outside my passions
my soul's drifting out of my gaping mouth
breakneck powerwalking what I think's my route

Dad used to joke I'd replaced my heart with a second brain
I think that other one may not have been sane
I been strange so long the range of emotions I express
Are from "suck my dick" to "fuck my ass"
Beligerance and obstinance
Intolerance and abstinance
My last defense, your honor, is at least I can feel happiness
But only insofar as I'm not pissed
About the surrounding apocalypse

In a world where the only thing you gotta cling to is the authority of a greater being
Who can see things you can see and define your morality, making life easy
-er than it would be if you had nothing but a black void coming when your dead
Get your head on straight, because if you can't relate, then your fate is
Lookin' like a crazy fuck
When you don't believe in luck and karma, other mothafuckas wanna harm ya logic
They don't like it when your honest, when you're a challenge
To what gives them balance

Fall back on your talents, tip those scales in your favor
Become your own savior, as long as you can savor your time without losing your mind
and blowin' it out--foregoing that route though I doubt it matters
If you'd rather be nothing how could I stop you?
I'm not you, I'm alive--fulfilled--spilled out onto found tracks instead of the ground
I'm something somehow, and I have doubts about how I got here having been profound
Track Name: Seethe
I'd be hard-pressed to name two guys that I like unqualified
Or any that I find to be good
I hate to be misunderstood and only half-blame myself
I go way the fuck past half way just to meet your shelf
If there are answers that you do not want then do not ask
I'll kick your ass and hit my flask when the moment's passed
I only get up past noon, so I don't have look at you
I am through with the notion that I am cool

When I'm not mad at everybody then I'm mad at me
Obviously I'm the type to seethe -- they tell me

Everybody goddamn lost their minds? - but they never had 'em
This never woulda happened, if rationale woulda been rationed equally
Do not speek to me of justice--don't recommend happiness
'less you are blessed with a sense of providing it to me like a sado-masochist
I want more than you have and a little bit more than I can handle
I wanna be the fire in your mantle the candle that lights your fantasy
But I can't be romantic when I'm pedantic as all can be
Sometimes I just don't want you to look at me

When I'm not mad at everybody then I'm mad at me
Obviously I'm the type to seethe -- I tell it to 'em
Track Name: Shallow
I'm only ankles deep
I can't impress me
I only see beauty in terms of what is sexy
I'm not a good guy
I don't like anyone
But if someone says hon I wanna fuck I'm all but done

Got about as much charm as self-harm
--I'm about as warm as a corporate email
Got no female friends and I think it's probly my fault
Rough like asphalt, tough with words and curses
Curt to a fault and I skirt the issues
Satisfied to squirt through tissues
Plus I talk about my dick like it's everybody's business
Come pay witness
Physical fitness is I lift a bit but I don't do shit besides
--ride is nice but I'm only out at night
To procure burger and fries
And I eat like a garbage shute
I'm far from cute
Can't be much of a brute but
My sleezy needs got me up all night nothin' but redtube

I'm only ankles deep
I can't impress me
I only see beauty in terms of what is sexy
I'm not a good guy
I don't like anyone
But if someone says hon I wanna fuck I'm all but done

Never gonna feel attractive, never gonna be too active
Only got a few more years til' I'm over that hill and expectations go backwards
I'm a lazy bastard
Smokin' up a storm of tobacco
Like a little rascal
Livin' in the big fiasco
Tryin' not to be so hassled
Maybe less a total asshole
But I don't see myself from the outside
And don't trust what I do not see
If a ball of sleaze with some real bad teeth isn't what you all perceive
Then I'm glad for that--but I'm still fat
And I still don't like dogs or cats
And I'm still a self-important fuck with a knack
For embracing that

I'm only ankles deep
I can't impress me
I only see beauty in terms of what is sexy
I'm not a good guy
I don't like anyone
But if someone says hon I wanna fuck I'm all but done
Track Name: Deadline
From where I'm perched up above the Earth
I see it burning brightly, about to burst
The fault lines begin to capsize
And I realize that this time, this is the deadline

I built a tower on the shakiest ground
It's a round blue and brown ball wrapped in clouds
And no matter how tall, how far from the bedrock I climb
I can only see it falling in time
I try to occupy my mind
And to scrape up every ounce of solace I can find
Without going snowblind or burning out my eyes
To avert my gaze from all the cities ablaze
And the haze of black smoke rising to my window every day
Just how long can I live this way
Before malaise rots my soul away
And I haunt this Earth, a wraith, so dead and so gay?