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Built from acapella tracks and random samples, BC is an intense noise-hop album, inspired by our love of rap music.


released May 22, 2013

Conrad Collins - Sounds, production, vocals, words
Brandon Burke - Lyrics on Unintellectual Melody, Hardee's, Key, Like, and Bombstrap; sounds on Unintellectual Melody




Trial of the Golden Witch Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: Turn Down Your Fucking Headphones
Hello! My name is Conrad, frontman of the group Trial of the Golden Witch. This album is very loud, so I have to advise that you TURN DOWN YOUR FUCKING HEADPHONES.
Track Name: Done
Ruckus, fuckin' up—
ain't even got time to suck,
I gotta fuckin' crutch, but I can
bet it's gonna bite the dust.
Life is not a fuck-around,
at least until I find the ground
to plant my feet so fuckin' deep
you'll never try to lay me down.

Done. Done. Done. Done.

Tin sounds, in bounds
nobody fuckin' understands;
post it on my twitter, "hey,
ya'll ever listen to my band?"
FUCK NO. Of course not,
a comment's like a buckshot.
Swallow it to suck less—
forget it, now the shit's botched.

Done. Done. Done. Done.

No one knows how far I've come.
No one knows what we have done.
No one's interested now—
nobody will ever be.

This is not a reverie.
This is not the world to me.
Nobody would pay for this—
I can't even call it money.

Funny how the world works.
Funny how I'm still a jerk.
All the good that I have done won't
change the fact that I'm the worst.

It's a curse, or maybe great.
Nothing in my heart but hate,
and hate is all I need because
I know the fuckin' world is great.

Go ahead and bitch about
your life and how it's not on track.
Even if I suffer, always
know I am on the attack.

I could spit this verse until the
motherfuckin' sun explodes.
Even as I start to choke.
Even as my lips erode.

There is not a fucking God.
Don't be such an idiot.
In the land that time forgot,
nobody fuckin' gave a shit.

All that I believe in is
the depth of my ability.
See it breathin', steamin', beamin',
notice it's fragility—

and kill it. Spill it—
the blood is draining from my head.
I go to bed to meet the demons;
gotta get a dose of dread.

But don't believe a word I've said
until I fuckin' prove it.
If there's a single thing I can guarantee,
I'll screw it up.
Track Name: Face
Face the music, I can do it
Fuck I blew it, fuckin' knew it
Knew the fuckin' paper couldn't hold the concept brewin'
Buckin' niggas on the back hoof,
sittin' on the roof to catch a breath
above the meth-heads and haters who
make the world a disappointment.
And I'm a faker who can't even set myself a dentist appointment.
And I'll die of my cowardice.
I'm tired of this.
Track Name: Unintellectual Melody
Unintellectual melody
come at me with an easier analogy
I ain't apologizing for shit
that last bitch let me hit it, I quit it, immediately
plus I jizz too easily
that mac and cheese, your girl's a sleaze
banged that ass with plenty ease
nigga don't even step to me
make your life hell, like you father gettin a visectamy
but ya'll can't dissect me, I'll deflect your jesture willingly
get you maced, sufer from peer pressuere
the fissure I'm puttin on your head, you might as well be dead
or incapacitated, don't get me started,
I'll enter your grilfriend's rectum
like having a pierced septum
this is an antisocial lifestyle
start slashin people till you find it's worthwhile
all you niggas reppin up that weak ass hype style
don't ever holla at me, I'll leave your ass in the body pile
Track Name: Demon
the last thing I wrote on tumblr
when I brought the thunder
covered all my bases, made the faces wonder
whether I come from down-under
the earth or if I was birthed from hell
all I care about is myself

I threw a wish in the well
don't ask me I'll never tell
but really who painted the picture
a mixture of negative energy
and flexative beverdry
know I'm dehydrated
and that's why I hated it
berated it
paraded it around
and never made a sound

Track Name: Hardee's
Bout to hit up the club
first we had to get some grub

Hittin up that Hardees
trippin on them Zannys
busting caps at grannies

but now it's a stick-up

C-rad decked the cashier,
made him say what we wanted to hear,
the we slapped that blind bitch into last year

had to unholster my glock, cause I heard the cops
they ruinin my lunch again, cause they think I'm mexican
But they can suck a dick, cause I'm fittin'a hit on a chick
bangin her in the bathroom, she suckin like a vaccuum

Man this Hardees sucks
but I got to fuck
I put it in her butt
figured she was a slut

cops busted into the stall
I nutted on my drawers
Pigs got me in a fit of rage
I'm acting like Nicholas Cage
Or that Gordon Ramsay
Cause man I'm on the Zannys

Jumped into the air
Stabbed the pig with the goofy hair-
line, I got no time
for all this petty crime

I just wanna pop that PCP
and fight them monkeys in the trees
and then we'll catch some fuckin' Z's ya'll

Cause I don't have time for the fuckin' police
Shit nigga damn, leave me alone
Track Name: Key
Three AM they busting through the window breakin in my house
And I be just chillin on the bed, rockin' my Gucci blouse
Cops approach me, they tryin'a turn my light out
But you know me, I had to pull my glock out

A rata-tata-tata went my piece
Also had to shout "fuck tha police"
I was just tryin'a holla at some honeys
And then the pigs hasslin' me about some mothafuckin' money

Niggas try an roll up on me
when I'm munchin that Chick'fil'a
Obligations making me leave them K.I.A.

Shit it's a hard life for a nigga like me
Just tryin'a get by, acin' them spellin' bees
But always spreadin that guac, and it ain't the type that's edible
I know you've heard of me, BC the incredible

just ask your sister
Track Name: Like
Yo, BC in the house
makin guac
smokin' rocks
killin' cops
producin' crops
you already know how it is

Rollin with some AKs
and we poppin' hand grenades

Yeah, we disturb the police
we also punch them hobos
and stomp out little kids
we don't give a fuck, bitch
so go call the po-po

You know we got poor health
that's why we snatch your wealth
we gotta get that 1-up
so we can catch ya'll niggas on the come-up

And bustin' on your girl's face
makin her a disgrace
of the human race
smokin' weed on that lace
of last week's cocaine, got that trace

Chuggin' that Natty Ice
and we ain't so nice
had to slice a bitch
cause she had that itchy head lice
fed that ass to mice
hoe at the crib
stuffed my face with rice
ponderin' the night
and enjoyin' my life

Fuck, ya'll don't have to like us
Ya'll can just eat a dick
Your kids wanna be like us
Track Name: Guac Money Cash Dough Rock Gold Paperback
All I need fo real is mo money in my life
Fuck havin bitches, fuck havin' a wife
All I need fo real is to be gettin' that guac
Fuck all a ya'll niggas, got my swag on lock
Tell me where the error of my evil ways lie
So I can laugh about it, keep on goin' up on this high
All I need fo real is mo money in my life
Get on that dick bitch and ride for yo life, come one

Cause I be gettin dat guac
Track Name: Jack My Dick
Lickin', spit on my dick
and your tit is a fit,
your clit is a bit of a mitt,
and I miss-fire a little higher
than I wanted
still I get why the pussy vaunted
a bitch so old that her pussy haunted
said "I wanna suck" and I said "get on it"
I don't give a fuck what my lifestyle look like
do a good job with them dentures out
isn't that what it's all about?
gettin sucked off, it don't matter how?
that's what the media lead me to believe anyway
even if I look at porno every day
watchin them get laid
I can't say I'm sick of it
isn't it weird how my dick don't give a shit
who, what, where, why, how it's watchin'?
See a little tit and the dick gets poppin'
fuckin' legit man at least he's honest
can't say the same for niggas in the game
keepin' it tame for an audience
No one realer than BC talkin'

jack my dick, jack my dick
jack my dick all day

Realest titties on the planet sittin
in my hand and I can feel the magic
like Disney
"nigga damn, that's creepy!"
is it? Rapunzel was 18 in that movie,
nigga course I'd let her do me
did you see that fuckin' smile?
Gon' be jackin' for a while
See I'm up all on that cartoon shit
them animated chicks
hand-drawn tits
crafted to be perfect
But I ain't tryin' to knock them real girls, I love those
never treat em' like hos, they my bros, too
I wanna befriend every woman on earth
knock a fourth of them bitches up and make em all give birth
have a whole army of babies and take over the world
spend all my time with women, watchin' shows for little girls
Spin that Anamanaguchi and be dancin' all night
smokin' only Gucci cigarettes, so gimme tha light
That's the plight of the writer, too much imagination
get the vision in my head, now it's time for ejaculation

jack my dick, jack my dick
jack my dick all night
Track Name: Bombstrap
I got the stagger of a pedestrian
watch MLP I am the Equestrian
late to the theater, I am the non-thespian
my sister the lesbian
spits the game like a champion
the champ is in
fuck, we the masterful generation
our talk is sin
fuck that League of Legends Quinn
knock knock, don't let us in
bitch I'm bout to snatch up your din-ner
sportin' boots with them fuckin' spurs
I versus 100, always come out the winner
I'm slimmer than most of ya'll fat faggots
can't talk to me, ya'll can't hack it,
that lumberjack, your rap is wack
just bought myself a new jacket
gotta new watch? I'll snatch it
can't catch it, can't capture me

Nigga I got the swagger of a Charizard
My rap is soft but my dick is hard
I got your girlfriend's pussy scarred
too many words? haven't ya'll heard?
Brandon B bout strapped with TNT
bout to blow up the whole world
Track Name: Bonus: BC
I was walkin’ up to class, smokin’ that hash
Fine bitches walkin’ by, and I’m slappin’ they ass
Then I roll past my dealer and I’m gettin’ that cash
And you know in my pants, I be packin’ that mass

The boys and I was chillin’ out at the swamp
When we passed by some niggaz who was talking that womp
Later on catch those niggaz all up under my stomp
Roll back to the crib, I was smackin’ that romp

They be sayin’ go to school, get that education
Bitch, fuck that, I’mma take over the nation
Bomb straps, AKs, and a couple gas stations
All I need is power, dead bodies, and relations

Chillin’, maybe killin’
Poppin shots at pigs while I’m snortin’ penicillin
The media try to make me out to be the villain
So I fire my Destructo Disk at then lile I was Krillin

Approach the president, hit ‘im with a right
Come to find out, the first lady’s pretty tight
At the top of the world, these niggaz at a fright
Now the whole world’s fearin’ the Arabian nights

‘Bout now everybody in the world wants to be me
gotta fill out a release form just to see me
Every fuckin’ day got my face on the TV
Remindin’ everybody I’m the king of the 3D

BC from the stone age into your home
Fuck with us, mothafucka, get two to the dome
You a fine ass bitch, go and pick up the phone
BC got the whole world ridin’ our bone