Best of Year One

by Trial of the Golden Witch

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This is a compilation of the "best" songs recorded by Trial of the Golden Witch between January 2011 and January 2012. (During that time, the band recorded some 120 songs.)


released January 24, 2012

Conrad "Kinzo" Collins: Vocals, Production
Marcus "George" Jackson: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Hamboning, Violin
Victors "Battler" Collins: Guitars, Vocals
Brandon "Kanon" Tolentino: Guitars

Arn Nile Mesa: Guitars
Joshua Cruz: Vocals
Brandon Burke: Vocals



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Trial of the Golden Witch Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: Pulling Others In
There's a man who's opinion I appreciate
Told me to "never underestimate the daylight"
I took him for his word and
Thought to go outside

But I found that if I left the curtains open
Let the sun in
I don't need to go out
I let the love in

Frantic self-obsession, maybe
Always cooping up
Never showing up

Never being out
Never hanging out
Always keeping in
Drawing others in

Pulling others in
Track Name: Clarissa (Mindless Self Indulgence cover)
Every single one of you god damn bitches ain't never gonna know love
Tellin' you every single one of you bitches ain't never gonna know love

I'm gonna burn ya down
Rock mine
I'm gonna burn ya down
A fuckin' hole

'Cause I'm a teenage bitch (x3)

If you're so smart, explain this, Clarissa
Explain this
Clarissa, Clarissa
Clarissa DIE DIE DIE!
Track Name: Pube Pneumonia
This is a story about a time when I had to suck... a whole lot of dick.


And then you rub a whole lotta balls!

(Aye man, gotta go. Gotta go, n' catch da show)

Suck a whole lotta dick
Whole lotta dick
Whole lotta dick dick dick dick dick dick dick
Then a'rub a whole lotta balls
Had 'em all over my chest
Someone took a shit in my mouth
And then I got pube pneumonia

Dicks in my ears
Dicks in my mouth
Dicks in my eyes
Dicks in my anus
Dicks in my nose
Dicks in my mouth
Dicks in my ears
Dicks in my... pube pneumonia

(Not cool man
You don't want a whole lotta dick in your face
That's not how we roll in Jamaica
In Jamaica, you have dick in de face...
Is just not cool man. No dick in de face)

(We don't need no more trouble, no more trouble)
Track Name: Hey Deda Tah
Hey deda tah, heay deda, hey deday da tetah tah
Track Name: We Didn't Go Hunting, But We Shot Something
I believe in this
We could use our fists to kill a bear
Oh yeah
If we decided we wanted to

I think we're the best
I think we can't rest until we've done it all
Oh yeah
We'll live until we've done it all

And when we die, oh man we'll die
We'll die and everything subsides

(We didn't go hunting, but we shot something)
Track Name: Shaughmboughgaleigh
Meega mee
Shaughmboughgaleigh shameigh
Bengoleigh gomaleigh gamee

Shaughmboughgaleigh shumbouleigh shameigh

Track Name: NO QUIPS
I don't give no quips at all
All I want is some wingz
Track Name: Something About Us [I Am T. Pain version] (Daft Punk cover)
It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there's something about us I have to say
'Cause there's something between us anyway

It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there's something about us I've got to do
Some kind of secret I will share with you

I need you more than anything in my life
I want you more than anything in my life
I love you more than anything in my life
I'll miss you more than anything in my life
Track Name: Go For The Gold
Go for the gold

Is what I'm 'bout, like
Got five digits
On my fingers

Go for the gold

Five digits for smackin' bitches
With my hand, go across they face

Go for the gold

In a foot race, I got two feet
Try to fuckin' run
Can't escape shit

Go for the gold

Cops on my tail
Man that sucks
Five digits
On my gun

(well if it isn't Dio Brando!)
Track Name: BC

I was walkin' up to class, smokin' that hash
Fine bitches walkin' by, and I'm slappin' they ass
Then I roll past my dealer and I'm gettin' that cash
And you know in my pants, I be packin' that mass

The boys and I was chillin' out at the swamp
When we passed by some niggaz who was talking that womp
Later on catch those niggaz all up under my stomp
Roll back to the crib, I was smackin' that romp

They be sayin' go to school, get that education
Bitch, fuck that, I'mma take over the nation
Bomb straps, AKs, and a couple gas stations
All I need is power, dead bodies, and relations

Chillin', maybe killin'
Poppin shots at pigs while I'm snortin' penicillin
The media try to make me out to be the villain
So I fire my Destructo Disk at then lile I was Krillin

Approach the president, hit 'im with a right
Come to find out, the first lady's pretty tight
At the top of the world, these niggaz at a fright
Now the whole world's fearin' the Arabian nights

'Bout now everybody in the world wants to be me
gotta fill out a release form just to see me
Every fuckin' day got my face on the TV
Remindin' everybody I'm the king of the 3D

BC from the stone age into your home
Fuck with us, mothafucka, get two to the dome
You a fine ass bitch, go and pick up the phone
BC got the whole world ridin' our bone
Track Name: Souls In Tandem
(unintelligible) write somethin'
For the riff made by my friend

Couldn't really think of much
I didn't say that I could
I'm not the best
At the riff for my friend

(something) it is my soul
The souls in tandem

This is my romantic idea of what songwriting is
It is souls in tendem

Souls in tendem

So I, I just made it up on the fly
Even now
Even at this very moment
It's only what came up in my head
The music as it resonates
It's the souls in tandem
Like a bicycle for two
or three
or you
and you
and me
and me
and you
and you
and me
and me
and me
and you
and you
and you
and me
Track Name: Gettin' Sentimental
(understandable portion)

Somebody asked me
Whatever happened to you
And I answered that I killed you

I killed you
All the memories are starting to melt
Into fantasy
And I lose my grip on reality, baby

I don't know what to think, anymore
Ever since that day, with your body on my floor

(Don't row your boat into me
Don't row your boat out to sea
It's all a dream)
Track Name: Fuck Slingshots
I used to love those cartoons
Written by men for children
Who already don't understand
Never had no hall monitor
No crazy jocks
And could never figure out a slingshot

Couldn't ever make it work rights

It used to bother me
'Cause I wanted to be
Like the kids on the show
Who said, "this is how it should go"

But man, fuck slingshots
Track Name: A Saturday Morning Is A Saturday Afternoon
A Saturday morning is a Saturday afternoon
A Saturday morning is a one I would share with you
If you have the time
I hope you have the time

(Oh, you were singing?)
Track Name: I'm 20, What the Fuck Do You Want From Me?
I'm not a boy anymore
But fuck if I'm nearly a man
Beards and alcohol don't mean anything
Society won't own up to this
I might not be a boy
But I am hardly a man
See I'm 20
What the fuck else do you want from me?
I'm just a guy in a
Nexus of life
Only 20
Fucking 20
What the fuck did you really expect?
Track Name: Sobakasu [English version] (Judy and Mary cover)
I brush against the freckles that I hated so
Life goes on, and I heave a little sigh for you
It's heavy, the love that I once shared with you
But it dissolved like it was just a sugar cube
Now the little pain sitting in my heart has shrunken a bit
But it really does hurt for now
Those silly horoscopes I
Guess I can't trust them after all
If we could get further away
I wonder what it would be like
I'd be so happy inside my heart
And tonight I thought I'd just be sitting in my sorrow
And now I must wonder why
What did it really mean to you?
I just can't feel it anymore.