Drape On Me Your Veil of Cynicism (Shield Me From This Pain)

by Trial of the Golden Witch

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When the desire to be a good person is overwhelmed by the realization that you aren't, or cannot be one. That's what this demo/EP is about.


released January 13, 2014

All songs written and performed by Conrad Collins




Trial of the Golden Witch Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: The Cracks Are Too Wide
The cracks are too wide, we're all falling through
There's not enough I can do
For all of you

The white man's guilt is a sad excuse
The happiness I feel
Makes me feel like a tool
Track Name: Falter Falter
Don't look up to me
I'll only fall down on you when I falter falter
Don't expect things from me
I'll only disappoint you when I falter falter

You should know better than to idolize
anyone under 30, under 30
This responsibility is more than I ever could need
clinging to me

What were you thinking when you put me up
on that pedestal I was bound to fall from?
How could you do this to me?
I'm a child too, why would you do what I do?
Track Name: Pain.
Your pain is worth more than mine
Your love is more pure than mine
Your life is realer than mine
I should just die

Your aching hurts more than mine
Your burning eyes start to cry
You think that I'm a bad guy
I should just die

Who am I to hurt you?
Who am I to leave you all alone?
Who am I to hate you?
Who am I to sing you all these songs?
Track Name: Believe me
Believe me I've tried to understand
Believe me I want to extend a hand

And if you thought just like me
it would be such a relief
And if I thought just like you
there'd be nothing to sort through
But the world is only grey
and we all want it this way
So the only way I know
Is to simply let it go
and coil up
inside myself