Emotional Anime Raps

by Trial of the Golden Witch

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Digibro raps over five emotional anime songs, and gets all personal and emotional and stuff.


released May 4, 2017

Raps by: Digibro
Songs from: Stella no Mahou, Mawaru Penguindrum, Arjuna, .hack//SIGN, and Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou




Trial of the Golden Witch Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: For Stella the Magic
Young hearts full of art and worry
You don't need to hurry--but you must continue
Do not let the message within you fall on deaf ears
Keep your hands moving 'till the truth appears

You will not be forgotten
Even if you grow rotten through, you still have a truth to speak to
And those who need you to be proof
That they too can still move and make something new

Young hearts full of art and worry
You don't need to hurry--but you must continue
Do not let the message within you fall on deaf ears
Keep your hands moving 'till the truth appears

This is only the start
Of something which never ends or gets less hard
Yet every part will be worth it in moments
When you look back and see how much you've grown into who you are

And the memories blot each page
Demarcations of the ways you've aged
Not all of which you wanted to see
But without each of which you could not be
And even as your heart breaks
Taking tallies of all of the mistakes
You can say, at the very least
You weren't afraid to try and make something

Young hearts full of art and worry
You don't need to hurry--but you must continue
Do not let the message within you fall on deaf ears
Keep your hands moving 'till the truth appears
Embrace the fears and scream them
If the tears are fake, then make me believe them
If the pain is real, inflict it on me
So I can see the world for what it should be

If you can't believe in yourself, then believe in me
Who believes in you, until the day that you can too
And if you need proof that someone needs you
Flood the world with your words 'till the signal cuts back through
And never stop or you will never know
'Cause you cannot grow if you throw in the towel and go home
You must hammer it down to the bone
"This is what I am, and I will be known!"

Young hearts full of art and worry
You don't need to hurry--but you must continue
Do not let the message within you fall on deaf ears
Keep your hands moving 'till the truth appears
Track Name: Dear Future [Rap Mix]
What can I tell you bout the future?
Gonna have my boot up in your face when you abuse her
Gonna have me wishin I was dead if I wake up and feel the dread
Of realizing I threw it away a user
Tell me what you fear
I can tell you what to avoid
What you hold dear
That shit will keep you paranoid
And yes it's worth it
Life just goin' crazy
Just maybe
Control is overrated, but you gotta learn to fake it for the future

By what indication do you sense the predication
Of human annihilation? I think you need education
I think we all as a nation gotta take a step back
Take a deep breath-- reassess what we got left
And do our best not to waste breath
On incessent stress and defensive steps
Get a grip-- get a stiff upper lip and start talkin'
Figure out where we all walkin'
Ain't no seperate paths when we're all caulked into the mass


No I do not like the pain
But I'mma stay in the game
That's just the way I was raised
Any less, I'd be ashamed
What got me really afraid?
Knowing you think of my name
Only as someone who walked--
Took off, dried up, and went lame
I couldn't face you the same
I'd never look up again
I'd be afraid of myself
I would go fuckin' insane
But if I stay in my lane
Still ever gonna be strange
Whatever headin' my way
I'mma take it to the face
Steady be changin' my shape--
But my core intact
And you can't teach that
You may doubt this truth
But my life is fact
My mistakes of youth
They won't hold me back
The propel me to
Try to not be whack
They compell me to
Go and chase these stacks
And I base this rap
On what I see as
Self-affirming thoughts in the face
Of a blackened void
That I'm quite annoyed
Never will see fit to talk back

Track Name: Heat Death
When I consider that I exist on this Earth
Subsist with such mirth
Blissed out and purposed
I feel an insistence
To close the distance
I've kept from a sense
Of responsibility
This way that I see
Surroundings as utility
Knowing full well
That I have the ability
To see your hell
And handle with fragility
I could dispell
The idea of the enemy

The global forgetfulness of onness
The AT fields that we choose to shield
Our hearts with and weild
Our fears as weapons--
Protection from intervention
Inventions perpetuating our perceptions
That we are seperate in our selection
That we our sectioned
Our predilection
For preservation
With complications
Of all our nations
Falling flat
Cause we can't understand that
We will always be chewing the same fat
We will sustain and maintain that
Till the day that we may ascertain fact
If there is such a thing in the void's hat
If there is sense in the way anything acts
And I stand with my doubts still about that

Believe you me I can see the trees breathing
I am attuned to the kids screaming
I understand what you're scheming
And I am not even close to disagreeing
I am lost--
It doesn't help to understand the cost
It's the profit I don't get
I don't know where the gold sits
I can't predict the market
I can't do a cost-benefit
When I'm unfit to interpret the latter
To grasp at the ladder
That leads to the benefactor
Supreme actor
Wherever you are
I don't believe that the answer is just among the stars
I don't belive any of us ever make it that far

One day everything will end, and then it will all restart
I would only like to be here for as long as we are
Let me be there when the lights shut off
When the space shutters one last cough
By then I'll be ready to accept what is not
Unless my will is real, and I crush nihil
And my soul can really carry on
But I won't hold my breath, or barrell headlong for death
I will fight the stress that bites at my neck
With vain hope the next decade is the test
To see who will rest inside nature's breast
And the future's nest; what I'm so desperate
To attest to giving my best to
I cannot rest till I've made my point
And felt the joy of all I know is there
I'm only scared of having to miss out
I'm only scared because I have this doubt
I'm only scared that I just might be wrong
I'm only scared that I may not be strong
I'm only scared that I could die too soon
I'm only scared that I will cry right through
The final scene, and that I will be moved
I just can't deal, I just can't deal

Oh God let me be real
If the time is soon then I would like to feel
Track Name: OPEN -2017-
It's time to open my heart once again
The pen guides the hand to the margin's end
The friends that I've lost have gone up by tens
My feverish rush has sped up and extends
Way beyond what my heart can keep up with
I'm drugged up with so much to be blunt with
What I thunk when I spit three years ago
I was so much less ego and so much more stable
And now it's gone...
I know exactly what I did wrong...

If I could go back, I'd make the same decisions
I've never been the type to stew for long on what I didn't
Do with my time, my life's a line
It's readable, perceivable, immutable, the flow is natural
It started out with the big bang
And it's still going strong on to this day
Even if I'm alone and I'm prone and afraid
Right on the brink, I think, of going insane
I can't say it didn't make sense
That distance was in my nature to best
It crushes down on me now to assess
That maybe I was always doing my best
And I ain't shit--and now I gotta live with it
Watching you walk away as I simply sit
And work through the pain with just teeth to grit
And buckle down on the script I've so often writ of my dying fits

We're moving on the the eighteenth now
Yet another sequel to how I skipped town
Only now all that burden is just on me
This is my thing, my so-called dream, what I've chosen to be
c'est-la-vie, I'll see you soon again I hope
I pray all you motherfuckers know I think you're dope
I hope all you motherfuckers know I love you most
Do not ever think I left because I hate you, nope
I'm just broken, unfit to fit in, a villain
And chillin' just ain't in the bag for a big bad
I gotta chase thick chicks and fat stacks
Like the scumbag that I am, that's Conrad
My big fat heart, it exists to bleed
My Ghibli tears, they were meant to stream
And I don't need you to love me back
Only need you to be sure my love is fact

I only know how to do one thing
To speak what I feel, hope it's interesting
And that you will keep listening
Thinking what I do is neat
Remembering what I bring
Out of you that you would be
Lesser to yourself if these
Feelings weren't accessible
If you had no vessel to
Feel the things you wanted to
Know yourself in other ways
That weren't imaginable
See yourself as something more
Even if intangible
I want to be in your thoughts
I want to be in your hearts
I fear being left behind
I fear being left to rot
I am not a perfect friend
I am not a perfect God
I am gonna let you down
I can't promise that I'm not
Gonna hurt you very much
I could tear your heart to shreds
I might leave you bleeding, dead
I may just fuck up your head
You can do the same to me
Long as you don't leave me be
Fuck me up and kill me please
Take me with you to the sea
...wherever I'll be
Track Name: Mono no Aware (a toast to you)
I remember back when I was just a kid
Struggled to make connections, yet somehow I always did
Manage to have one friend, every house I lived in
But then we would move away, never hear from them again
Every one meant the world to me
But I was so used to leaving, I would never think to reach
Out to see how they turned out, clear out any doubt
That they didn't even stop to think of me now
And old habits they be hard to break
Even after a decade living in the same place
I've been letting others fade away, and I can't say
I've done my part to make it happen any other way
Even people that I know online
Some I start to wonder if they're even still alive
I'm twenty-five now, and I've got a lot ahead
So to everyone I've ever loved, alive or dead:
I miss you

Everything is always bound to fade
The steady march of time it takes us all away
I'm ready to embrace what I know is my fate
I promise everyone I won't forget your face
I been displaced enough times to know my brain tries
To move you to the back of my mind, for the time being
And I'd be blind if said I wasn't seeing
How moving has become my very mode of thinking

I've been in one space long enough to perfect it
Been at one pace too long to accept it
Now I gotta run towards the evening sun
And find fun in new places I never expected
If I can't stay with anyone, I'll go to everyone
Live out the fleeting greetings and have fun
Cherish each and every meeting, but move on
Always to the next scene, to sing the next song
It may seem wrong to some, but it's how I work
Until the day I may change and find a new purpose
Define a new compass to follow in life
But until then, I'll keep to what I feel is right
I hope we meet again before you pass
That the memories of times we spent together will last
Every fleeting vision trapped in my distant past
Is what guides the mast of this ship you passed
In the night
Put up one light
I'll raise one too
A toast to you