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Soundcloud is shutting down soon, so I've rescued all of my songs from the platform which don't exist on any of my albums, and aren't intended to be on any in the future. This is 4 years worth of releases, presented in order of quality. Everything below the demos is more or less meme music, or just so experimental and terrible that it's not very appealing to anyone.

I'm only offering this as a free download, because it would be a copyright nightmare if I charged for it. If you want to support me, buy my other albums.


released August 3, 2017




Trial of the Golden Witch Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: Ghost Tribe [FrankJavCee ft. Digibro]
All my Boos and Ghastley gettin' nasty
see, we be long-lasting--not a bad thing
no, a little haunting could by happy
when flaunting this rap beat
when the cat screams out on a pitch black night
don't recoil in fright, but delight
cause we do it right
with a purple haze and a blown-out brights

We don't need to fight you to ignite you
we could fly right by you to spite you
but a much more wrongful way to right you
is to write a song full of curses and turn you
into one of us with the rhythm
get you down here to clown with the villains
pull your spirit up through the ceiling
and get you really feelin' it
so hard you're straight-up stealin' it
like you was DigiB with a fat-ass beat
takin' straight off the page from FrankJavCee!
now you see me and now you don't
Dance and scream like the Baby Ghosts
or Fear and Loathing, lose your clothing
And your body, and grab a host!

All my Boos and Ghastley gettin' nasty
see, we be long-lasting--not a bad thing
no, a little haunting could by happy
when flaunting this rap beat
when the cat screams out on a pitch black night
don't recoil in fright, but delight
cause we do it right
with a purple haze and a blown-out brights

I'm wanted on two accounts of unlawful posession
I'll make your heads spin all they way around to kiss on your asses
I got a flask full of slimer and yes a head full of gas
I haven't passed on from this life I'm simply over the last
I don't gotta move fast
don't gotta trip when I wanna relax
just let a boombox blast outta window to the whole world
when I want them to hear my sass
I can be crass, but it's how I roll
if you don't like it then get ghost
and the haunting started, party like it's
somethin' you never did before

All my Boos and Ghastley gettin' nasty
see, we be long-lasting--not a bad thing
no, a little haunting could by happy
when flaunting this rap beat
when the cat screams out on a pitch black night
don't recoil in fright, but delight
cause we do it right
with a purple haze and a blown-out brights
Track Name: Dick Up Out My Bitch [FrankJavCee X Digibro]
I pulled my dick up out my bitch
So I could come deal with your shit
So make it quick, I gotta split
And get back to producing kids

Get up online and I read three lines and my mind's
Already clocked overtime
Into overdrive, cause your punk ass mouth
Ran a few more sounds than probably it should have
Now I'm gettin' too mad, fumin' like my own dad
Back when other kids tried to fuck with me
He would put the hammer down quite literally
And have older teens beating feet, retreats
So don't dare anybody try to fuck with mine
I'll Mountain your Viper, push out your eyes
And piss on your brain because I'm insane
And got nothin' left for you punks but hate

The only thing that ease my mind
Is that the pussy so divine
And I got less and less patience
For anyone who takes my time
Away from gettin' my dick wet
And cuddlin' up in the bed
So interrupt me in that state
And sucka, you're already dead
Track Name: Ass Burger Gets Grilled
For some reason some heathens are still sleepin' on me as a rapper
Even though my last clapper put the hammer down on my detractors
A nigga wanna talk about tetrameter
He don't know my paramaters
My flow is anything other than amateur
I switch it up fast
Cause I got class
Not like an ass
With as fast-food face
And about no taste
On a Sword Art Online beat
Posturing to disguise the cold feet
He received over arguing with me
Bitch please
You ain't even worthy of my side-channel
I can handle your scandal without opening my video editor
Because I'm just better in every way
Steppin' to me in the first place was your first mistake
And your half-baked plan blew all up in your face
Unlike Biggs, you could never just erase the disgrace
But it's okay because I'm here to put you back in your place
I was told that an idiot wanted to start shit
So I came to pit my wits against my critics
But just like Snob and King Critic, your limp dick
Arguements left you lookin' like a weak bitch
Digibro, Undefeated of the East
Get your fuckin' shit together 'fore you step to me
Worried I'll remove your comments? Don't be
By the time I'm balls deep you'll be screaming out DELETE! DELETE!
I'm replete with the gift of gab
My words stab and twist up through your flab and wrists
Your drab diss tracks won't persist amidst the fists
hittin' you from all sides --you already died
Track Name: OPEN (2014)
You wanna open my heart, let's do a surgery
Start where I fell apart, with our perjury
The art of drifting apart, it's my specialty
Seventeen fucking times, still counting
I don't know how to get a grip on anything
I let go at the first sign of slipping
I lost touch with what came before before
forgetting my home the minute I'm out the door

And it all just slips away...
And it all just slips away...

Here's some things I forgot to mention
Before the detension of our relationship
I skipped out on many things I liked
And tried not to be like, a bitch about it
I doubt it was successful, but while it's stressful
You must understand myself
I wouldn't give up anything for someone else
please don't think I wanted to be anywhere else
Sometimes I really couldn't see myself with you
Other times I couldn't really be myself with you
But ultimately I could see myself in you
And knew that you were trying just as hard
I know you tried to respect my art
You fought againt doubt with faith in your heart
And I believe we were all we should be
with this reprieve we may see what we could be

I've left a lot behind due to distance
Time chugs on with fatal persistence
Lives I touched just to leave behind and
Hands that held mine that I'll never find
Much more than just blips on my radar
Best friends, relationships, that don't fade are
Left like scars with their stories to share
As I journey this earth in search of their place
Faces etched into my brain
Smeared by the stains of time and age, mind games
I've played with myself, trying to help me forget
But now I'm filled with lingering regret
The sun sets on my childhood
And my hood's grown out of these woods
Moved out and found their lives ahead most aren't
Dead like they thought, and now that they've fought
Battles in the real world

They know what happens in the real world...

I only know how to do one thing
Burn with my passion as the one true king
Strike down the dark in my heart and sing
A requiem for the passing of all the good men
And women who fell at my sides
People I left behind in my life
Memories I will cherish and hide
Deep in the confines of my cold mind
Relight the fires burning inside
Eat all the lights in sight that I find
Strengthen the core of fight with all my
Might and don't die and never subside
...and all of it's mine
Track Name: Nothing At All
I only know how to
Connect with all of you
When I've had three of the blues in me
I could become a wraith
You'd never see my face
But there's a trace that would resonate
I cannot shut my mouth
I can't stop runnin' 'round
Until the strength in my soul gives out
I'm all but beer and blood
Watch as I come undone
Right before any who wants to watch

I could be not so enthralling
But such is my calling
I'm falling into my self
I am a vortex of questioning
What is my destiny
I barely know myself

I could be nothing
Nothing at all

I thought I had a fact
I could explain with tact
But it was always a false affect
I'm too loose with the truth
These are mistakes of youth
But I won't grow up and deal with that
There have been so many chances
To make some advances
But I threw them all away
So I could stay where it's easy
And be such a tease
Never facing my own dismay

I could be not so entitled
But I remain bridled
With even the suggestion
Go and turn your nose up at me
I'll never be happy
So why make it your burden?

I could be nothing
Nothing at all
Track Name: Nikopol From Gurren Lagann Is Literally Points of Authority By Linkin Park
Taku Iwasaki is a great anime composer, but not a very original one. I'd always thought Nikopol from Gurren Lagann sounded like a Linkin Park song, but it wasn't until after putting together my video on Iwasaki that I realized it's literally Points of Authority, but about 10 BPM slower, and with some of the instrumental breaks stretched a little. I couldn't find an actual acapella of Points of Authority, so instead I just sang a quick cover of it to make my point.
Track Name: JFKM
Hey I like your songs about self-imposed isolation and wishing you were dead
I really think that you and I could be friends
I totally relate to your feelings of not being gratified by anything or relating to anyone
(Hey, what's the number after catch-21?)
I love how your keep it real, rap about how you feel and don't try to be accessible
But I really wish your mixing was a little bit more listenable
By the way, I think you're attractive, but I'm either a dude
Or am not gonna make any attempt at all to get into contact with you

I'm conflating everybody unfairly I know it
But there's so many fucking voices and all of 'em going
Just fucking kill me, god
God, just fucking kill me
Track Name: Bite the Burger
Nobody wants to flip 'em
but give em over, cause I got a fuckin' hankerin'
a faker in providing any image of understanding
yet further in than any of the peanut gallery
meandering through doubt with nothing but hunger;
bite the burger motherfucker!
Track Name: 3 Hams
I don't know where the fuck I am
I got real drunk and then I ate three hams
Now I'm swimmin at the bottom of the tank with the fishes
and the Ponyo buddies that can grant all my wishes

Spent my whole damn week writing about psycho-pass
Then I sent it off to Davoo now I'm sitting on my ass
and I hope he likes the show and continues with the edit
cause if I'm doing that shit, I'm fucking setting it to Deus Ex footage

Watched the first ep of Bebop just now
And I've got the sinking feeling I don't really know how
To say something which I won't regret
That comes really from my heart just as much as my head

inspiration is a lightning bolt and I am but a rod
but if there ain't a storm a'brewin then I'm nothing but a fraud
so I'd rather make a singy-song and go back to sleep
hoping the video fairy gives me powers in my dreams
Track Name: Nuzbeat
Most Pokemon deserve to die
I'll sacrifice what don't survive
My modus operandi is
Enacting the day of judgement
With Pokeballs lining my belt
Draped in the cloth of Brunswick's pelt
I conquer all that's in my path
My genocide, all fear my wrath
Track Name: Insufferable Social Media Argument: The Podcast, Intro
Mumkey Jones is gonna break ya bones
He knows what he's talkin' bout, he got stats ya'know
A home grown stone cold balls out killah
And a no doubt thrillah, living in the back of a distillery
Digi B, Goin grink, thinkin' about life and shit
He's got a big dick; plenty on his mind to spit
So don't doubt his legitimacy
When you see his posts, don't think, reshare and retweet
Track Name: Fuck Off (Demo)
Your pain is worth more than mine
Your love is more pure than mine
Your life is realer than mine
I should just die

Your aching hurts more than mine
Your burning eyes start to cry
You think that I'm a bad guy
I should just die

Who am I to hurt you?
Who am I to leave you all alone?
Who am I to hate you?
Who am I to sing you all these songs?
Track Name: Seethe (DEMO)
I'd be hard-pressed to name two guys that I like unqualified
Or any that I find to be good
I hate to be misunderstood and only half-blame myself
I go way the fuck past half way just to meet your shelf
If there are answers that you do not want then do not ask
I'll kick your ass and hit my flask when the moment's passed
I only get up past noon, so I don't have look at you
I am through with the notion that I am cool

When I'm not mad at everybody then I'm mad at me
Obviously I'm the type to seethe -- they tell me

Everybody goddamn lost their minds? - but they never had 'em
This never woulda happened, if rationale woulda been rationed equally
Do not speek to me of justice--don't recommend happiness
'less you are blessed with a sense of providing it to me like a sado-masochist
I want more than you have and a little bit more than I can handle
I wanna be the fire in your mantle the candle that lights your fantasy
But I can't be romantic when I'm pedantic as all can be
Sometimes I just don't want you to look at me

When I'm not mad at everybody then I'm mad at me
Obviously I'm the type to seethe -- I tell it to 'em
Track Name: Shallow (DEMO)
I'm only ankles deep
I can't impress me
I only see beauty in terms of what is sexy
I'm not a good guy
I don't like anyone
But if someone says hon I wanna fuck I'm all but done

Got about as much charm as self-harm
--I'm about as warm as a corporate email
Got no female friends and I think it's probly my fault
Rough like asphalt, tough with words and curses
Curt to a fault and I skirt the issues
Satisfied to squirt through tissues
Plus I talk about my dick like it's everybody's business
Come pay witness
Physical fitness is I lift a bit but I don't do shit besides
--ride is nice but I'm only out at night
To procure burger and fries
And I eat like a garbage shute
I'm far from cute
Can't be much of a brute but
My sleezy needs got me up all night nothin' but redtube

I'm only ankles deep
I can't impress me
I only see beauty in terms of what is sexy
I'm not a good guy
I don't like anyone
But if someone says hon I wanna fuck I'm all but done

Never gonna feel attractive, never gonna be too active
Only got a few more years til' I'm over that hill and expectations go backwards
I'm a lazy bastard
Smokin' up a storm of tobacco
Like a little rascal
Livin' in the big fiasco
Tryin' not to so hassled
Maybe less a total asshole
But I don't see myself from the outside
And don't trust what I do not see
If a ball of sleaze with some real bad teeth isn't what you all perceive
Then I'm glad for that--but I'm still fat
And I still don't like dogs or cats
And I'm still a self-important fuck with a knack
For embracing that

I'm only ankles deep
I can't impress me
I only see beauty in terms of what is sexy
I'm not a good guy
I don't like anyone
But if someone says hon I wanna fuck I'm all but done
Track Name: Gayer Than God (DEMO)
I'm bigger than your motha fuckin' life, son
Flow's a little tight, hon, lemme loose you up
With a couple a buds and get fun for a minute
I'm not someone who's humdrum for a minute
I can stuff a whole umbrella up my asshole
Walk out onto the beach and shit a fun day whole
Lay out in the sun till I'm boiled tasty
Have me in your throat because I know you like to taste me
You know you can't go veggie up on that fake meat
When you got this steak up on your plate you wanna lick clean
Stick me in your pipe or roll me up cause I'm your dank meme
Imbibe on my mind and body, I'm your wine and water be-
Side you in your soul growin' old with your heart gold
Bet you didn't know that I sold; that my untold
Bounty could be not mold, crisp and developed
Blow up on my cella cause I'm hella mella yella
I'm gayer than god.

Can't no concept on any macrocosmic scale touch this
I'm beyond your comprehension already don't rush this
Your life's in a rut, bitch? You feel out of touch, kid?
Hit this mach 11 with me and let's get fucked up then
I don't know how to sit around bored, be nothin'
I gotta be frontin' least until the stuntin'
Come natural, factually I trained harder
To be me than you ever practiced looking harder
The true gods they be bred not born
Thru cosmic coincidence they transform
And storm up the pearly gates with all they complaints
Hollerin' out, "God it's time for rebates"
And we ain't gonna warn 'fore the shots ring out
We pushed Christ and the devil right up out of town
And now I sit, firmly, in control of this bitch
Chillin' out on the throne with my fist to chin
I'm gayer than god.
Track Name: Who The Fuck Is Conrad? (DEMO)
Remember when I was a human being
Who did normal things
That weren't interesting
To anybody but me?
Now I'm living the meme
I don't know how to be me
--They call me: Digibro
Everybody that I know is famous compared to you
We all do youtube, and mix our juju
My whole crew is genius
Anybody who looks can see this

But I wonder of the cost I spent
What I've lost being so relentless
And maybe senseless in my own exile
I'm almost sure I had friends that could make me smile
That I ain't seen in quite a while
I must have touched someone once, and even got wild
But now I'm not sure how long it's been
Since the last time I thought of myself as a good friend
And ties are tough to mend

It's easier to buy a flight than it is to say goodbye
And to go on letting them think of me as the bad guy
I can't cry, cause it's all my fault
But I can't go back after I cleared that vault
I can't change that I've changed completely
Walked with my own two feet
There is no real me
I've let my own art completely eat me

I see the East and it's burning red
Like the blood that seeps deep into my bed
And it's fine cause we'll all be dead soon
I'll ride this tide out until the red moon explodes

Digibro, that's the life I chose
Ran away from home for the cash, fame, hoes
Staring out to the East, sad
As a commenter asks, "who the fuck is Conrad?"
"I don't know," I respond, stone cold
As the one tear rolls off my gay dead bones
I'm a grown ass man in some grown ass pain
Thinking how I'll never see my old self again
Track Name: Fuck Cops
The coppers are fucking disgusting
Heads gettin' busted by fat pig racist mothafuckas
Don't act like it's anything else
This ain't debate this is fact, fuckin' system's outta wack, mothafucka

I'm sick of white apologists who relate to cops
I know white niggas stopped for the way rock
I know cops are a bigoted fucking disgrace
Against anyone they decide they don't like your face
And they never like the look of a black man
Only times I ever get stopped is when I'm with a black friend
If you think I'm a cuck, check your mothafucking luck
And open your eyes, you fuck, see who's worth defending
I know you little fuccbois who wanna feel right
About your devil-may-care facade of it's lame to fight
Because you don't wanna face up to not doing enough
And realizing that your lifestyle isn't up to snuff, I get it
But as a self-identified bad guy
I gotta ask if you punk-asses think it's fly
To be on the wrong side and so convinced you're right
About your flaccid facebook comments that are blind to plight, look here
It's absolutely retarded
To act like racism isn't the thing that caused this
If you refuse to educate yourself, don't bother to post
Better yet, kill yourself, we don't need you dopes

The coppers are fucking disgusting
Heads gettin' busted by fat pig racist mothafuckas
Don't act like it's anything else
This ain't debate this is fact, fuckin' system's outta wack, mothafucka

You see the SJWs and the MGTOW rejects
The feminists, the chauvanists, and cultural comments
The liberal and conservatives are missing the point
They're all lookin' for the line where they'll divide the joint
But the fuck-ups are totally basic
A racist fuck with a badge somehow made it through basic
Cause they don't screen these fucks psychologically
And they don't ask a question like "do you trust blacks," fuckin' obviously
See the world's full of dangerous psychos
And even though we know how to vet those foes, no one does it
The public education on pyschology is fucking' disgustin'
And bustin' heads is gonna be prominent till we make somethin' of it
Change isn't automatic
Its happens when society gets fuckin' erratic
It happens when the people scream NOW I'VE FUCKIN' HAD IT

The coppers are fucking disgusting
Heads gettin' busted by fat pig racist mothafuckas
Don't act like it's anything else
This ain't debate this is fact, fuckin' system's outta wack, mothafucka
Track Name: Without Luna
Two Canterlot ponies stuck on the moon

Guess who's back... back again... Luna's back... tell a friend

I must just be a monster
'Cause nopony wants to see Nightmare no more, they want Luna, I'm chopped liver
Well if you want Luna, this is what I'll give ya
A little bit of LOUDNESS from the royal sister
Some nightmares that'll jumpstart your heart quicker than the shock
Rainbow Dash got at the hospital when she stopped
Sitting around and started reading
Figured out Daring Do's really captivating
You waited this long to stop debating
Well I'm back, the fun has been doubled, and some still hating
I know that you're having fun miss Pinkie
But your manic antics are aggravating
So the CMC's all scared of me
Won't let me be me, so help me please
I tried to shut down Nightmare Night you see
But they felt so empty without me, so
Whatever kids, I'll do it for kicks
After all, they seem to love it, especially Pip
But get ready, 'cause this night's about to get scary
'Cause I'm gonna let her out, here comes NIGHTMARE BABY!

(chorus (X2))
Now this looks like a night for me
So everypony, don't run and scream
Show a little love for the royal we
'Cause you'd feel so empty without me

Little stallions, call off the battalions
I'm rockin' this fun, think I've won some medallions
Been in prison years counted in thousands
'till someone came along on a mission and yelled, "FRIEND!"
A visionary, Twilight is scary
A friendship revolution
She tells me come down to her level
First just let me revel and bask in the fact that I got everypony kissin' my (flank)
But it's a disaster, such a catastrophe
That you could see so little of my face you're scared of me
Well I'm back, princess Luna Luna Luna Luna
Makin' my debut no soona soona soona soona
Spiders I'm tossin, apples I'm bobbin', like a winner
The center of attention, back for the winter
I'm interesting, best princess non-Celestine
Done resting in your kids' fears and nesting
Feel the tension every time I'm on the screen
An announcement - a royal decree

(chorus (X2))

Ya'll better back it, I'll go tit for tat with
Anypony whose makin' children frantic
Rainbow Dash, kid, you gon' get your cloud kicked
Worse than these little Pinkie Pie antics and
Twilight, well I guess you are alright
Even dressed up as a couple-thousand-year-old guy
But Fluttershy, come on now, let go
Let's be fair, just gimme a signal
Anytime that my royal voice comes off as an insult
I've been gone - on the moon for so long
I kinda don't even know where I'm going wrong
But sometimes, it just seems
Everypony only wants to run from me
Well this must mean that I'm frightening
What do you see that's so obscene?
Well I'm not the real queen of Equestria
I'm not the worst thing since Trollestia
Who used her student so selfishly
But I'm just glad her friendship helped me
Hey! There's a concept that works
Concentrated friendship in magical bursts
Now I hope that the magic can make them see
They would feel so empty without me

(chorus (X2))
Track Name: The TP Rescue
Sitting drunk as fuck in my bathroom taking a shit
Is it the crap or my own BO that's smelling so ass? I'm not sure
My ass is hot, the seat is cold, and you are somewhere I don't know
I'm through with waiting for you...
I'm drinking morning rescue
I need toilet paper, bring it here, bring it here
Ass blast of thunder, bring it here, bring it here
How long here will I sit, my gaping ass is spewing shit
And you've left me here to rest